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Ways to Save Money on Airline Travel

10 Ways to Save $$$ on Airline Travel
Photo Credit: Darren Hester

  1. Be Flexible, If possible, be flexible when planning your trip. Bargains may present themselves if you have flexibility with travel dates and times, carrier choices, departure and destination airports.
  2. Try the Little Guy. You may want to fly aboard smaller, independent airlines. You may find lower available fares, without compromising safety or traveling comfort.
  3. Watch Those Sales! Check prices carefully. Sale prices may not always be the lowest price available, as you may be able to find a lower price on a ‘non-sale’ ticket from another airline.
  4. Get a second opinion. Check prices on flights from more than one airport. The willingness to drive a few extra miles may translate into significant airfare savings.
  5. Fees and Taxes. Make sure that your price quotes include all taxes and fees. Such additions can accumulate into charges of a $100 or more. Also check extra luggage and overweight baggage charges.
  6. Travel Off-Peak. Cut airfare costs by traveling on off-peak days such as Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  7. Fly Off Hours. Traveling at off-hours may save you money. The less-filled 6 a.m. flight can be a bargain.
  8. Shop Early. Buy your tickets in advance.
  9. Members Only. Airline frequent-flier programs can save you money or earn you upgrades and other travel perks.
  10. Rewards. Use an airline-reward credit card to make monthly purchases. Cash them in for ticket upgrades and free travel.