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Car Rental Guidelines: Types of Insurance

Photo Credit: jan_krutisch

  • Collision Damage Waiver, Loss Damage Waiver, Physical Damage Waiver – For this type of insurance you’ll usually pay a daily fee. It does not cover damages to other people’s cars, but it protects you from being charged by the rental car agency in the event that your rental car is damaged or stolen. However, it is not considered collision insurance.
  • Personal Liability Coverage – Some Rental Car companies offer this type of insurance to cover the amount over and above that which your personal car insurance carrier will cover.
  • Personal Accident Coverage – This type of insurance is usually offered by your personal auto or health policy. It covers your personal injuries with a single payment for you or a passenger. Check with your insurance company about this coverage.
  • Personal Property Insurance – This coverage provides insurance for any of your personal possessions that are damaged or stolen.